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We Help Sustain Open Source

by connecting sponsors with open source projects

Things we can do for you

How we help Developers

You put a lot of time and effort into your open source projects, and people rely on them to do their jobs. It’s important that your work is sustainable, and we help you fund it.

How we help Sponsors

By representing exclusive open source projects, you gain valuable visibility amongst the open source community as a business that is invested in the future of software development.

Why we do it

Basically, we want to help.

Open Source Needs Funding

Two-thirds of all open source projects are maintained by one or two developers. Many of these projects are at risk due to developer burnout.

We are Software Developers

Code Sponsor is built and owned by software developers. We are open source contributors and use open source code every day. We are here to change the future of open source sustainability forever.

Developer Sponsorship is Scaleable

So many open source projects try to find funding through donation buttons, but this rarely results in consistent or meaningful income. By forming synergistic relationships between developers and sponsors, we know sponsor-driven development is the solution.

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